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Eid Mubarak!

Posted Jun 28 , 2017

IEEE Annual Convention 2016 A Successful Event!

Posted Nov 8 , 2016


Thanks IIEE for this great opportunity once again and we appreciate the effort of the management of BRIGHT INFORMATION SYSTEMS for being one of the sponsor of the IEEE annual convention 2016. ​


Ransomware: Your Money or Your Data

Posted Oct 18 , 2016


What is it?

​A sophisticated virus that locks user data with high levels of encryption. Hackers then force victims to pay a “Ransom” to get their data back.


How do you get infected?

​Compromised websites and spam emails received through “primitive” email systems are the most commonly used channels to carry out the attack.


What’s the degree of the breach?

​Ransomware starts off with encrypting data residing on a specific machine all the way to preventing access of all data on user machines and servers.


Qatar Tennis Federation – Microsoft Office365 End Users Training

Posted May 25 , 2016

Congratulation to QTF!
Another successful email migration and implementation by BIS.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS, Android gets 3 useful calendar features

Posted May 18 , 2016

​Microsoft continues to make Outlook one of the best productivity apps available for mobile devices today, via valuable enhancements such as integration with its calendar and Facebook, Wunderlist, and Evernote.
Microsoft has been criticized in the past for stuffing too many features into its desktop software — more features than most users could possibly want. However, the company strikes a much better balance these days with mobile apps, as demonstrated by the latest version of its Outlook app.Outlook’s new “calendar apps” feature, for example, adds compelling reasons to use the app: integration with Evernote, Wunderlist, and Facebook. You can now add Facebook birthdays and events to your Outlook calendar, as well as Wunderlist to-do items and Evernote notes, as long as they all have due dates.

The calendar apps feature comes from the Sunrise app, a calendar app that Microsoft acquired and that’s available for iOS and Android.

​The new integration makes Outlook’s calendar even more useful, and it gives Microsoft another compelling advantage over its seemingly 10 billion mobile calendar app competitors. I bailed on the desktop version of Outlook about eight years ago, but the mobile version has become nearly invaluable to me. It’s a welcome upgrade from, say, Apple’s anemic Mail, Calendar, and Contacts iOS apps.Microsoft owns the excellent to-do list app Wunderlist, so weaving its reminders and to-dos into Outlook makes perfect sense. Microsoft also deserves some kudos for its decision to support Evernote tasks and to-dos, because Evernote is a leading rival of the company’s OneNote service and apps.

Outlook mobile also now lets you can change the default calendar colors for your Facebook, Evernote, and Wunderlist items, and that helps identify the sources of your appointments more easily. And Outlook offers extremely useful integration with other services, as well, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and, of course, Microsoft’s own OneDrive.

The app does have some limitations, unfortunately. For example, you can’t swipe on email in Outlook and turn them into Wunderlist to-do items. The calendar apps feature also is not yet available on iPads, though it works on Android smartphones and tablets.

Shortcomings aside, Outlook is turning into the productivity app to beat on mobile devices — and it’s free.