BIS has networking professionals to help you plan and build LAN/WAN networks that support your business needs.

Our wireless solutions help you adjust to the new demands for speed and security being put on your enterprise network.


We supports companies across virtually every industry globally with high performance network security products that fit your unique Network Security requirements

BIS offers the market’s broadest and most consistent range of high-quality network cameras. Based on open IP standards, network cameras connect to the Internet, and enable remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world.


Creating a smart home involves the bringing together of many different disciplines including entertainment, lighting, security and networking to name just a few.

BIS offers business phone systems which combines advanced business collaboration functionality with the ease of use and simplified management that any businesses require.


Helping you to build and secure your computer networks to suit your business

BIS provides the very best in network and security solutions to companies throughout the GCC countries. The right planning and implementation will improve your efficiency and reliability of your network and security. Your business is easier when you let BIS handles your network and security.


Because we’re independent we can provide a service you can rely on and trust:

1. Our IT experts will start by getting to know your objectives, budget constraints and how you will measure return on investment in your IT system

2. We will then build a detailed understanding of your business model and key processes

3. Once we understand your IT requirements fully, we will present you with some IT solution options

4. We will explain precisely where each option has relative strengths, and help you to rank them in terms of impact on the business and cost

At the end of this process, you’ll be confident that you’ve fully assessed the best network and security options for your business.