BIS provides our customers with the innovation and implementation of Health Care IT Solutions for hospital, clinic, pharmacy, laboratory and medical center.

Success Stories

With more than 5,000 clients in the Middle East and Africa, we take pride in our customers and how they have used our software solution to improve business efficiency and most importantly, their profitability.


Why Choose BIS Health Care Solutions?

  • A complete set of Health Care Solutions designed and developed carefully by team of experts and undergone continues analysis and proper testing
  • End-to-end implementation, including global planning and large-scale rollouts
  • Application support and maintenance to deliver significant savings and value


  • Al-Haram Hospital: Giza, Egypt, 500 beds (Governmental Hospital).
  • Al-Assad University Hospital: Damascus, Syria, 700 Beds (Educational Hospital).
  • Gynecology University Hospital: Cairo,Part of Demerdash (Educational Hospital).
  • Tall-Kalakh Hospital: Hems, Syria, 300 Beds (Governmental Hospital).
  • Epilepsy Hospital: Tripoli, Libya, 400 Beds (Governmental Hospital).
  • Ali Omar Askar Hospital: Tripoli, Libya, 400 Beds (Governmental Hospital).
  • King Hamad University Hospital: Bositen, Bahrain, 300 Beds.
  • Zaid Military Hospital, Special Clinics: Abu Dhabi, UAE (Military Hospital).
  • Sohag Oncology Institute: Sohag, Egypt, 80 beds (Governmental Hospital).
  • National Institute of Diabetes Hospital : Giza, Egypt (Educational Hospital)
  • Al-Amal Hospital: Giza, Egypt, 70 Beds.
  • Al-Tawfekia Hospital: Cairo, Egypt, 100 Beds.
  • International Hospital: Amman, Jordan, 100 Beds.
  • Kalila Hospital: Sharkia, Egypt, 80 Beds.
  • Al-Sadek Hospital: Al-Khobar, KSA, 150 Beds.
  • Al-Dorah Hospital: Cairo, Egypt, 60 Beds.
  • Sharm Al-Shaikh Emergency Hospital:Sharm Al-Shaikh, Egypt, 40 Beds.
  • Al-Razy Hospital: Damascus, Syria, 100 Beds.
  • Kamal Shoear Hospital: Giza, Egypt, 40 beds.
  • Makka Hospital: Al-Fayoum, Egypt, 40 beds.
  • Thoria Hospital: Riyadh, KSA, 20 Beds.
  • Al -Salam Hospital: Tripoli, Libya, 40 Beds.
  • Dr.Ashmaig Hospital: Sudan, Khartoum.
  • Cardiology Center Hospital: Sudan, Khartoum, 150 beds.


Medical Centers:
  • Rabaa Al-Adwia Medical Center: Cairo, Egypt, 40 specialists, 15 Dept
  • Al-Nokhba Medical Centers (5 Branches): Cairo, Egypt, 5 specialists.
  • Mahmoud Medical Center (Al-Kawthar): Cairo, Egypt, 30 Specialists
  • Dr. Ashmaig Medical Center: Khartoum, Sudan.
  • Dawaa Medical Center: Sharjah, UAE.
  • Firty Clinic: Riyadh, KSA.
  • Al-Hood Al-Marsoud Hospital, the Out Patient Clinics (Governmental Hospital).
  • Al-Tayseer (1, 2, and 3) Medical Center:Cairo, Egypt, 25 specialists, 9 Dept
  • Madena Medical Center: Alex., Egypt, 22 specialities, 10 Dept., 120 physicians
  • Sahrm Al-Shiekh Center: Sharm Shiekh, Egypt.
  • Fatema Al-Zahraa Center: Cairo, Egypt.
  • Watany Medical Center: North area, KSA.
  • Al-Wehda Medical Center: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Radiology Centers:
  • Dr. Hafez Shreef Rad. Center: Egypt, 5 Branches, 5 Dept., 300 investigations /day.
  • Demerdash Interventional Radiology Centre: Part of Ain Shams Educational Hospital
  • Future Rad. Center: Egypt, 1 Branch, 5 Dept., 180 investigations /day.
  • Al-Borg Rad. Center: Ismailia, Egypt, 1 Branch, 5 Dept., 100 investigations /day.
  • Al-Rabat Radiology Center, (Dr. Ahmed Al-Serafy): Portside, Egypt.
  • Ismailia Scan Center: Ismailia, Egypt.
  • Al-Salam Radiology Center: Cairo, Egypt.


  • Dr.Ashraf Ismael Lab.: Egypt.
  • Ahly Lab. Kuwait, 2 Branches, Kuwait.
  • Kuwaiti Germany Lab: Kuwait.
  • Dr. Soad Lab’s: Cairo, Egypt.


  • Ali & Ali Pharmacies: Egypt, 14 Pharmacies, 3 Stores.
  • Al-Kheniny Pharmacies: KSA, Eastern area, 50 pharmacies, 1 Main store.
  • Al-Fagr Pharmacies: UAE, Abu Dhabi, 13 pharmacies, 1 Main store.
  • Al-Baklawy Pharmacies: Egypt, 3 Pharmacies, 1 Store.
  • King Fahd Petroleum University Pharmacies and Drug Stores: Eastern Area, KSA
  • More than 4500 pharmacies in Egypt.
  • More than 35 pharmacies in UAE.
  • More than 8 pharmacies in Kuwait.
  • More than 10 pharmacies in Sudan.