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What is Windows Azure?

Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment. Whether creating new applications or enhancing existing applications, Windows Azure lets you take your ideas to market faster and respond quickly to changes in business and your business needs.


  • Virtual Machines
  • Mobile Push
    • SQL Databases
    • Media Streaming
      • Websites
      • Active Directory
      • Hadoop
      • Everything else…


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An average day for many small businesses like Romax is fast paced and confidential client data is central to everything you do. An old server and desktop environment was causing increasing inefficiencies and mounting security concerns for Romax and like many small businesses they wanted to compete efficiently. Facing Windows Server 2003 ‘end of support’ they upgraded their IT to modern cloud-enabled technologies including Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft Intune.


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