Streamline financial process, reduce cost, work smarter and make more informed decisions.

A complete set of software to manage the entire hospital’s administrative, financial and medical operations.

A set of software that helps organizations keep facilities and equipment reliable and safe and meet environmental compliance.

A range of solution to gain accurate insight into business performance


Helping you to choose the right software to suit your business

BIS provides the very best in business software solutions and business software support to companies throughout the GCC countries. The right software will improve your efficiency, profitability and competitiveness. And choosing the right software for your business is easier with some impartial advice from experts like BIS who have handled hundreds of similar projects before.

Because we’re independent we can provide a service you can rely on and trust:

  1. Our IT experts will start by getting to know your objectives, budget constraints and how you will measure return on investment in your IT system
  2. We will then build a detailed understanding of your business model and key processes
  3. Once we understand your IT requirements fully, we will present you with some IT solution options
  4. We will explain precisely where each option has relative strengths, and help you to rank them in terms of impact on the business and cost

At the end of this process, you’ll be confident that you’ve fully assessed the best business software options for your business.